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Ambulance for the Fallen
News and Releases


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Name Change

Threesixteen has officially changed their name to "Ambulance for the Fallen"...


(oct.6, 2001) kicking off the vision tour! 3:16 officially announces their name change to the public, at the begining of their set they introduced themselfs as AMBULANCE FOR THE FALLEN. The concert was off the hook as they exploded on stage like they know how. Roca Firme, Scripture, and Johnathan Avila kicked some seriouse gluteus maximus.
The guys have also been showing their respects to those that were lost on Sept. 11 by displaying the US flag in their concerts.

Roca Firme

New CD... More Info

The plans for the ambulance for the fallen self titled album are currently in the making we know we promised it out by November, but because of complication the album is still pending. But I promise it will be out soon. But never the less keep a look out for it. - Frank

New Promo Released... FREE!

The aftf promo cd is out at our gigs make sure you try your best to obtain one, for they will only be out for a limited time. Make sure you ask our Manager Joanne for one (but tell her that we sent you) -aftf

World issues

The world is getting old, and problems are getting bigger. It seems that now there is always a thin line on anything, if you have an issue that you feel we should discuss please feel free to tell us about it.

New New New...

(06/28/01): As you may have noticed, this site is new. Since it's new, we want to make it better than ever. In coming weeks you will see tons of pics, have info on upcoming shows, and best of all, be able to download music from Threesixteen's live shows.

We'll keep you posted on new developments as they happen...


Ambulance for the Fallen (Promo)

ambulance for the fallen

version 1.1 - a) I See the Light / b) Cassie
version 1.2 - a) I See the Light / b) Bubbles
version 1.3 - a) I See the Light / b) Battles

version 2.1 - a) Cassie / b) Standing Tall
version 2.2 - a) Cassie / b) Bubbles
version 2.3 - a) Cassie / b) Battles

version 3.1 - a) Bubbles / b) Standing Tall
version 3.2 - a) Bubbles / b) Battles

version 4.0 - a) Ambulance for the Fallen / b) Why?

See the Light (Demo CD)

see the light

1) I See the Light
2) Cassie
3) Standing Tall
4) Bubbles
5) Battles

2001 ambulance for the fallen